31 Maret 2009

What I dislike today

  • Earlier morning I went to the traditional market to buy some food and drink. While I was selecting some goods, I see a few bottles in a row. I do not know what kind of that. When I ask the counterhand, I was very surprised because it forbidden drink. Then the question came in my head, why illicit (haram) goods like that can be freely sold in the store. Here, many criminal cases that occur due to the influence of forbidden drink. That is one reason why Islam prohibits the forbidden drink.
  • Today I heard stories about a grandmother of Fatimah's friend ... a few days ago when she was bringing grandchild to school, suddenly she attacked by unknown people in the front of gate. He is a psychotic who is a rage. Some parts of the body injured by the attack. It afflicted, peoples stood around the place but nobody helped. Just onlooker. Where did their conscience go?... What I fear is if the events that also occurred toward children ...
  • My 'thought bucket' is full of many thing that I want to blog, but it so confuse...what shall I do?
  • I watched on TV and read newspaper there so many tragedy were happened...it sadden

28 Maret 2009

Indonesian folktale

Today...I went to the library after took my kids at school. I usually go there twice a week. I have two member cards. One for my kids and the other is mine. Sometimes Zahra and Fatimah order me to borrow some books for them. Each card can't use for more than two books. Finally I got Indonesian folktale books. English and Indonesian within. This is one of those...


ong ago there was a handsome boy called Skolong. He would be given in marriage with his aunt's daughter by his mother.To make the plan run well, Skolong's mother suggetsed him to live with his aunt. She hoped Skolong's aunt would bore a beautiful girl so that Skolong could get married with her. Skolong's aunt and uncle welcomed him friendly. Skolong lived at their house. They were very glad to know he was a diligent and obedient boy. Three months later, Skolong's aunt got pregnant. Skolong hoped she will bear a beautiful girl. But a reality was not a beauty as a dream. She bore a cue, a hairy wood tuber. They were surprise
d to know the Cue could speak so funny. Skolong felt so sad and would go back to his parents.
"Brother Skolong, I will go along with you wherever you go", said the Cue abruptly.
"Sister Cue, you can't follow me!", Skolong forbade the cue.
"You forbid me but I'll go with you", the Cue rolled around Skolong.
"Please, do not follow me, my mother would be dissapointed to find you are a tuber.
You have no hands, no feet, dirty and hairy also. How can you help my mother?" Skolong insulted the Cue.
At last, Skolong were ready to go home. The Cue was ready, too. She was not shy even she did not hurt to hear Skolong insulted her.
Then Skolong saw a very beautiful girl. But that girl suddenly vanished. At the same time, Skolong heard a girl singing. Skolong looked for the Cue. He thouht the Cue could sing a song. But, Skolong could not find the Cue. He felt a stranger thing.
Meanwhile, Skolong's family was busy preparing everything to welcome Skolong and his engage. But how surprised they were to see Skolong come without a girl beside him. He came only with a rolling tuber behind him.
A party was held in that week. The party held a Caci competition ( a game played by men accompanied by women that play traditional instruments).
All of a sudden some men and women also boys and girls came up from nowhere. The Cue led them to go there in procession.
At night Skolong dreamt about to follow the Cue to the waterspout. Then he tried to follow the Cue quietly to the waterspout in the morning. He hid behind the shrub. Skolong watched the Cue stripped off her husk and hid it under a flat stone. In a short time, a group of people appeared and the Cue turned into a beautiful girl.
"Oh, my God these are the Cue's people", Skolong said in his own mind.
Just sa the Cue and the people left the waterspout, Skolong walked closer to the flat stone and took the Cue's husk quickly.
The Cue and the people went to the village. They continued to join the Competition on the second day.
When the Cue was dancing, Skolong burnt the Cue's husk. At the same time the Cue fell and fainted that very instant. She didi not move at all. People got surprised to see the Cue lied streched on the ground. Skolong soonly came to help her.
Yhe Cue's husk was immersed into some water.Then, it was wrapped for the fainted Cue's head. Slowly, she become conscious.
Skolong got surprised to know the girl become conscious.
"Who are you?", Skolong asked the girl amazingly.
"Iam...Iam...your aunt's daughter?", answered the girl softly. Skolong was stunned to see her. He couldn't believe that the Cue was a beautiful girl.
Skolong's dreamto marry his aunt's daughter, who called the Princess Cue, came true...
He was so happy to get their blessing.

24 Maret 2009

Tell tales to our kids.

Do you always tell tales to your kids before they go to sleep?...Yesterday, We went to downtown... our fave. place is bookstore. There we found and bought some books. My kids currently very interest to read story books. Here is one of them...

Princess Noura and Monster Cahaya (light).

While the sun was shining brightly in the morning, a beautiful baby girl was born in Al-Azhar Palace. The King and Queen named her Princess Noura. The name Noura was taken from the word Nur, which mean light.
Princess Noura grew up to be a princess who loved the environment. She really cared about the plants and animal around her.
One night, Princess Noura found a lost firefly in her room.
"This palace is huge. I can't find my way out", said the firefly exhausted.
"Oh, don't worry. I'll accompany you", said the Princess.
"But I live far in the forest", the firefly said.
"It doesn't matter", said Princess Noura, letting the firefly stood on her shoulder. They then went out of the palace even though it was late at night.
"Fine, you can stop here. I know my way home from this side of the forest", the firefly said.
"Next time, be careful when you play. Don't lose your way! Assalamu'alaikum", Prince Noura said.
"Wa'alaikum salam!", the firefly replied.
Princess Noura returned home. But on her way home, she was attached by two criminals.
"Help! Help!", screamed Princess Noura.
"No one is going to help you in a quiet place like this", said the criminal.
Princess Noura still prayed because she was certain that Allah would help her.
Suddenly, a huge glowing creature approached them.
"What creature is that?", asked the criminal frightened. Both criminals then ran away.
Princess Noura also wanted to run in the opposite direction. But a voice stopped her.
"Princess Noura, don't be afraid! It's me and my friend", said the glowing creature.
The glowing creature then transformed itself. Apparently, it was a mass of fireflies. One of them approached Princess Noura.
"I heard your scream. So I immediately asked my friend to help you", said the firefly.
"Alhamdulillah. Thank you, my firefly friend", said Princess Noura.
"You're welcome. You're also a kind princess. Now, we will take you home", said the firefly.
Princess Noura returned home accompained by thousands of fireflies. She was like a princess who could indeed glow because of her kindness.

(taken from: Princess Noura dan Monster Cahaya, by Benny Rhamdani. Published by: DAR! mizan).

Zahra's pic.

14 Maret 2009

10 Maret 2009

My blue

My fav.blue