24 Maret 2009

Tell tales to our kids.

Do you always tell tales to your kids before they go to sleep?...Yesterday, We went to downtown... our fave. place is bookstore. There we found and bought some books. My kids currently very interest to read story books. Here is one of them...

Princess Noura and Monster Cahaya (light).

While the sun was shining brightly in the morning, a beautiful baby girl was born in Al-Azhar Palace. The King and Queen named her Princess Noura. The name Noura was taken from the word Nur, which mean light.
Princess Noura grew up to be a princess who loved the environment. She really cared about the plants and animal around her.
One night, Princess Noura found a lost firefly in her room.
"This palace is huge. I can't find my way out", said the firefly exhausted.
"Oh, don't worry. I'll accompany you", said the Princess.
"But I live far in the forest", the firefly said.
"It doesn't matter", said Princess Noura, letting the firefly stood on her shoulder. They then went out of the palace even though it was late at night.
"Fine, you can stop here. I know my way home from this side of the forest", the firefly said.
"Next time, be careful when you play. Don't lose your way! Assalamu'alaikum", Prince Noura said.
"Wa'alaikum salam!", the firefly replied.
Princess Noura returned home. But on her way home, she was attached by two criminals.
"Help! Help!", screamed Princess Noura.
"No one is going to help you in a quiet place like this", said the criminal.
Princess Noura still prayed because she was certain that Allah would help her.
Suddenly, a huge glowing creature approached them.
"What creature is that?", asked the criminal frightened. Both criminals then ran away.
Princess Noura also wanted to run in the opposite direction. But a voice stopped her.
"Princess Noura, don't be afraid! It's me and my friend", said the glowing creature.
The glowing creature then transformed itself. Apparently, it was a mass of fireflies. One of them approached Princess Noura.
"I heard your scream. So I immediately asked my friend to help you", said the firefly.
"Alhamdulillah. Thank you, my firefly friend", said Princess Noura.
"You're welcome. You're also a kind princess. Now, we will take you home", said the firefly.
Princess Noura returned home accompained by thousands of fireflies. She was like a princess who could indeed glow because of her kindness.

(taken from: Princess Noura dan Monster Cahaya, by Benny Rhamdani. Published by: DAR! mizan).

Zahra's pic.

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  1. aww! that's so cute! I've never read this book before but it seems so nice :)

  2. May be, this book is available in Indonesia only...but if you have some niece/nephew/little sister/brother and you want it... send me your address...Insya Allah, I will send you the book.