31 Maret 2009

What I dislike today

  • Earlier morning I went to the traditional market to buy some food and drink. While I was selecting some goods, I see a few bottles in a row. I do not know what kind of that. When I ask the counterhand, I was very surprised because it forbidden drink. Then the question came in my head, why illicit (haram) goods like that can be freely sold in the store. Here, many criminal cases that occur due to the influence of forbidden drink. That is one reason why Islam prohibits the forbidden drink.
  • Today I heard stories about a grandmother of Fatimah's friend ... a few days ago when she was bringing grandchild to school, suddenly she attacked by unknown people in the front of gate. He is a psychotic who is a rage. Some parts of the body injured by the attack. It afflicted, peoples stood around the place but nobody helped. Just onlooker. Where did their conscience go?... What I fear is if the events that also occurred toward children ...
  • My 'thought bucket' is full of many thing that I want to blog, but it so confuse...what shall I do?
  • I watched on TV and read newspaper there so many tragedy were happened...it sadden

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  1. aww! i remember you emailing this post to me! ;) I'm kinda late in commenting sorry! hope you feel better

  2. It doesn't matter...thank you still remind me...luv U